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Your Reunion Committee is thrilled at your continued interest after our awesome Reunion Weekend. We are still busy expanding that experience for you and our BMC Class of 1977. Please, stay tuned here for Moore developments. 

Bishop Moore Class of 1977


It seems like yesterday that we were marching to Pomp and Circumstance in our white caps and gowns, and looking forward to a new chapter of our lives! Well now 40 years and many chapters have gone by. It's time to reconnect and re-unite. You will talk for years about attending the best party in College Park in 40 years.


  • Whether you called BMCHS home for 1 to 4 years, this is your reunion. You are part of a very special Hornet’s Nest. 
  • Without a doubt, BMCHS, the teachers, and fellow students have made MOORE memories in our hearts that continue to shine bright in 2017.  

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Reunion Preview

Speed Limit 70! - The Band

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