Making Your 40-Year Reunion Happen


Major decisions are easy when drinking classic beverages from our misguided youth. 


You've got to have people to get things done.

Hire Some Pros

This is Lisa Chandler our Designer. Shown here as the spokes model for Todka. The official drink of the reunion.


All the guys ask the same question. Can (fill in the blank) still fit into her Cheerleader outfit? 

Get a Great Band

Speed Limit 70 is nothing short of awesome. They even played at one of out planning events.

Dine Well

One of many times we've gathered to bemoan not being able to locate a classmate.

Suprise Entertainment

Spying on us?

Pulling a James Bond and getting a true sneak preview?

Let's keep it All In The Family!

Archie and Meathead might be at your table. Edith too!

We're on "A Mission From God"

There will be some crazy people there.

A little bit of singing, but, you won't find any Lonely Hearts.

"Imagine all the people..."

There will be a few Angels to help out, Charlie!

Haven't we met before?

Our entertainment is out of this world!

Folks are coming in from miles and miles...

Still Curious?

Want to know more?

Every one of these pictures shows a planned person or character that will join us.

A little more snooping?

Hey, Shaggy and Velma! What's so mysterious? Really guys, Scooby Doo is my parrot.

Be a Daydream Believer!

Sara was the Homecoming Queen

Hey Cindy. Have you seen...

...Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Smokey won't be there, but,...

...we are expecting the Bandit!

We're crushing it!

Thank God those cans are softer now.

Really, more?

I got you bebe

Bringing back the spirits of the departed and the spirits in the bottle. Just to please you.

Taxi anyone?

Todka's are strong drinks! Ever had one?

Todka, yes!

Jim has had a few

Bus ride?

Did you remember to get a spot on the shuttle?

Bring your friends

No excuses!


Expect to see all these faces! RSVP NOW!